Kajira is perhaps the most common expression for a female slave. Kajirae is the plural, meaning more than one female slave.


"Kajira is perhaps the most common expression for a female slave. Another frequently heard expression is Sa-Fora, a compound word, meaning, rather literally, Chain Daughter, or Daughter of the Chain." --Nomads of Gor, page 29

"In a girl's collar lock there would be either six pins or six disks, one each, it is said, for each letter in the Gorean word for female slave, Kajira ..." --Assassin of Gor, page 58

"Ten kajirae," he said. This word was the plural of 'kajira', which was one of the words, the most common one, for what we were. It means 'slave girl', 'slave woman', 'she-slave', that sort of thing." --Dancer of Gor, page 110

"'Yes, Master,' he said. This was a play, of course, on the common Gorean saying that curiosity is not becoming in a female slave, or kajira. One of the traces of Earth influence on Gorean, incidentally, in this case, an influence from Latin, occurs in the singular and plural endings of certain expressions. For example, 'kajirus' is a common expression in Gorean for a male slave as is 'kajira' for a female slave. The plural for slaves considered together, both male and female, or for more than one male slave is 'kajiri'. The plural for female slaves is 'kajirae'." --Magicians of Gor, pages 529-530

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